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2.1 The Dark

Onyx – 20m

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  • 1.1 Onyx Pilot: The Beginning

    Onyx Pilot: The Beginning

    Onyx is a dramatic series centered around three African American sisters as they maneuver through the complications of life. The season’s opener focuses on the kidnapping of Kendhal Jordan. The episode flashes back to the events that leading up to the child’s disapp...

  • 2.2 The Light

    The reappearance of Caroline Carson has sent shock waves through the small town of St. John. Which has several citizens asking questions about where's she's been, what has she been doing and what is she going to do?

  • 1.2 Fall Out

    Fall Out

    The story picks up where the pilot leaves off with Julian Jordan asking the question everyone in the room wants to know, and the story examines how the family deals with the aftermath.