Purchase Entire Onyx Season 1

Purchase Entire Onyx Season 1

Subscription service isn't your thing? Are you more of an owner than subscriber? Then be a boss and purchase season 1 of delirium Entertainment's Onyx!

If you're a little reluctant needing a sample before committing to buying, then you can also rent an episode and explore if Onyx is your kind of drama.

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Purchase Entire Onyx Season 1

7 Videos

  • 1.7 Revelations


    The season finale of Onyx promises to leave you only wanting more. Nothing is like the beginning, and nothing will ever be the same.

  • 1.6 Changes


    Everything is on shaky ground as the citizens of St. John change their priorities, change their loyalties, and in some case their partners. Evidence beings to materialize in the kidnapping of Kendahl Jordan as Samantha Duncan and Bradley Morgan join forces to find out what's the real ...

  • 1.5 Turning Point

    Turning Point

    New choices are made, and things are beginning to turn, especially when another familiar face returns to town. Aubree, Addison and Avery's priorities begin to turn as they start to make choices that affect the direction of their lives.

  • 1.4 Yesterday


    How did we get here? The secrets and lies continue as new faces appear in St. John. As things begin to unravel, we take a look back at the citizen's lives before our story beginning.

  • 1.3 Shattered Pieces

    Shattered Pieces

    The citizens of St. John, Texas begins to try to put the pieces back together after the kidnapping of Kendahl Jordan. The ordeal reveals the cracks in their lives and relationships.​

  • 1.2 Fall Out

    Fall Out

    The story picks up where the pilot leaves off with Julian Jordan asking the question everyone in the room wants to know, and the story examines how the family deals with the aftermath.

  • 1.1 Onyx Pilot: The Beginning

    Onyx Pilot: The Beginning

    Onyx is a dramatic series centered around three African American sisters as they maneuver through the complications of life. The season’s opener focuses on the kidnapping of Kendhal Jordan. The episode flashes back to the events that leading up to the child’s disapp...