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1.1 Onyx Pilot: The Beginning

Onyx – 44m

Up Next in Onyx

  • 2.1 The Dark

    The Season 2 Premiere of Onyx picks up three months later and there have been quite a few changes for the citizens of St. John. The show opens with Addison Kennedy Bradford's first fashion and in true Onyx fashion, the secrets and lies are revealed.

  • 1.2 Fall Out

    Fall Out

    The story picks up where the pilot leaves off with Julian Jordan asking the question everyone in the room wants to know, and the story examines how the family deals with the aftermath.

  • 1.3 Shattered Pieces

    Shattered Pieces

    The citizens of St. John, Texas begins to try to put the pieces back together after the kidnapping of Kendahl Jordan. The ordeal reveals the cracks in their lives and relationships.​